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As well as being unethical, the practice of deliberately paying later than the agreed terms is wrong for sound economic reasons:

• It weakens your organisation because it harms your reputation;

• It damages your supply sources and strains your relations with suppliers or subcontractors;Get Started

• It weakens the economy as a whole because it constricts growth;

• Late payment is often taken as an indication that the buyer is in difficulties. If you create this impression with your suppliers or subcontractors you may find that their terms worsen.

Late payment can also be symptomatic of poor relationships between you and your suppliers or subcontractors. The way you manage your purchasing/sales relationship is important to your profit margins. A commitment by you to prompt payment can be a powerful aid to better buying; it will certainly produce closer, more co-operative partnerships between your firm and your suppliers/subcontractors.

Read the Department for Business Innovation & Skills website Prompt Payment Code.


I had to write a little note of thank you for your help with getting unpaid monies for my small family business.
The process from contacting your company to end result was effortless.
I had my doubts on recovering my money, and keeping my head above water as the amount of £1700, was my cash flow for that month.
The whole process found me getting my money on the second letter that was sent.
So pleased with the result and will not have any doubt on recommending to everyone I know ..

Owner of
Installed4you by Witton Installations 

Ian witton